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T-BUSH, Goa’s talented Film-maker

T-BUSH, Goa’s talented Film-maker

By: Tim Williams

Young Goan-Indian film-maker was drawn towards films because "it is a powerful media of our time". He speaks of his love for Art and Film, what motivates him and about his personal goal.
Success is like a rose plant. The plant with full of thorns, and at the end of the stem a beautiful flower blooms. Likewise, the road to success is full of obstacles. The majority changes their course fearing the obstacles, but, to a few, obstacles are no deterrent in pursuing their course. Instead, the obstacles become stepping stones to success. And today T-Bush is a convincing example of this. T-Bush had the determination, a conviction to live to build a road where no pathways existed, he had a firm belief that he could succeed. Very individualistic in his approach to everything, T-Bush says, "I have been taught since I was very young that there are no short cuts to success. I have come up the hard way." His chosen career requires this of him and he declares his "future lies in movies, because there is enough scope in the industry for people with the right proportion of imagination and creativity."
T-Bush is awarded the 'Best Director' award for "The Letter" an English film, 2005 at Pancio Film Festival in London. Says T-Bush of his most step on the path to success, "The awards don’t matter I want to make films with a difference".
Making films is a whole different thing from watching and talking about them. Many people watch films and say "I can do that" dreaming about greatness in life is enough for some but living up to one's dreams takes a bit of doing. T-Bush, son of John Camilo Rebello & Maria Augusta Fernandes, Nagoa Verna - born Goan figures among the few who make their dreams reality. He hitched his dream to a star and followed the right path faithfully. Now, he achieved his dreams.
A native of Goa-India, born with an innate love for art, he has made a name for himself in the film-maker’s world. T-Bush is very precise in his profession he knows the best to capture the feeling of what's happening. There are things that he does with lighting and with camera and with an angle that will convey the sense. His work is a novel and creative and searching, probing. It is pushing boundaries, it isn't dead. Producing his own films and overseeing every detail from camera angles to editing; his creativity has attracted substantial attention among the movers and shakers of the industry.
Says T-Bush, "Since my early teens at Nagoa-Verna's St. Joseph Convent, I have been visualizing the world around me”. This particular tendency gave him an enlightened perception while studying for his Bachelor's degree in Fine Art at Panjim's Goa College of Art. He soon began dreaming of a life in the field of Art. He majored in audio-visual techniques at Goa University to set himself on the road to professionalism and was later able to get placed at the highly accredited London Film School in the UK to complete his studies.

Films, he had realized, would compliment his creative urge without any restraints. At the London Film School he studied Film and TV Production, which happens to be another "great passion" for him. “The studies in UK changed my life. I realized that films meant more than a mere childhood fantasy. I began devouring eagerly my film grammar. I saw every kind of film that was being made, got to know and interacted with people in the UK, whose lives revolved entirely around Hollywood films," he reminisces.
Having achieved top grades at the film school, he readily landed a job in a British film company. He had the fortune of brushing shoulders with eminent Hollywood and European film-makers like Bob Doyle, David Caffrey, Julian Doyle, Brendan McGinty, Rachel Tillotson, Steve Brook Smith, John Keates, Robert Brunning, Brian Donovan, Jean Dedieau, Steve Cookson, Marcia Gay (Line Producer for the film Harry Potter) and others. T-Bush maintains extensive knowledge after working with seasoned producers and directors and is intimately aware of the challenges and pitfalls they face. He learned to fend for himself in this complicated world; the experience prompted him toward a radical lifestyle change. He says, "Having contributed in the making of films with these producers and directors I discovered that I had the ability and drive to embark on my own film production.”
T-Bush professes an undying love for his native Goa and mother tongue Konkani. He started out his own directing ventures with art loving and appreciative people supporting him. His plans are to make films. Says T-Bush, " The skillful Goan directors and producers must produce films and not the undesired home-video the one labeled as film. A home-video is not a film, producers must know the difference between the film and the home-video. In view of a proper film is been rendered with numerous rules.” He stepped into the field to make superlative films with the modern technology more because he maintains that this "field can pay dividends if seriously pursued".
T-Bush’s short English film “The Letter” – with an American cast and crew won Best Short Film award in London. He says, "The Letter" is a tragic tale of a father who longs to reclaim a relationship with his estranged daughter. It's hard work making movies, you work long hours, very hard hours, and it's emotional, tense work. If you don't really love it, then it isn't worth it. “The Letter” turned out to be unique for the reason that "I care about what I do". This allows him to believe that he can do certain things in his life, as impossible as they seemed. T-Bush is creative with inborn talent in him meant for directing script writing and editing that makes stunning success.
While striving to string together good music and cinematography, T-Bush intends to introduce new faces on his path. He enjoys helping budding artists showcase their talents.
Typically emotive and philosophical, T-Bush says, “I have lived with these cinema ideas for far too long. They light my path in life. Yet no ideas can hold me in my own prison. I want to create strength out of thin air, it is not an easy task to accomplish but I seek that power”. With dreams this big he’ll never wander far from the path to success he began. If he is capable of attaining this far, Hollywood is not too far for him. The first major production was a full length Konkani language
E-cinema entitled “BLACK”. The film shot entirely in Kuwait was based on Goan music traditions - It was an effort to portray the grandeur of a fading art of originality in music. The second major production was the first Bollywood Hindi film made in Kuwait “Kahin Na Kahin Milenge”. Yet another first Arabic movie “Misbah” is under pre production.
T-Bush says enthusiastically that his endeavor is to obtain for "Goan films their rightful place in the cinema map of the world". T-Bush can be contacted at films at t-bush dot com and his website http://WWW.T-BUSH.COM is a delight to browse through his achievements.

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